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The Kooky And The Spooky

Sunday, March 11, 2007

The newest issue of SFX Magazine has just been dispatched to subscibers; and I’ve already got my edition sitting on the coffee table. It’s an interesting read – which includes an interview with executive producer Russell T Davies, who talks about Doctor Who’s third season. Oh, and the Sarah Jane Adventures too…

“We’re still not entirely sure (about splitting the series up into ten half hour episodes), actually” He reveals, “There’s a debate going on as to whether you put them together as a 50 (minute episode), because we loved it as a 50; it’s just there’s no proper slot for that. But the scripts are coming in anyway.”

“The first two are nice and lively with a great big monster. (Episodes seven and eight, by Gareth Roberts) are really spooky, Twilght Zone-y, not about the effects – a dark, sad little story. You read it thinking, ‘That’s one of those things you remember forever if you see it when you’re a kid.”

“This story will also add an extra dimension to Sarah Jane’s character. We hardly know her! Episodes seven and eight touch on her childhood – a complete blank. It’s amazing the character’s been running for so long and almost nothing is known.”

The magazine seemingly confirms that the Sarah Jane Adventures will start later this year. Yes, you heard me right. 2007. After all. You can pick up SFX Magazine issue 155 from this coming Wednesday 14th March.

Following that, on March 28th, there’s a special edition of SFX Magazine – which previews Doctor Who season three, and on top of that features interviews with Russell T Davies (again!), Elisabeth Sladen and “many more”. So expect some “Sarah Jane Adventures” gossip! The special edition comes free with a rare (ie, collectable!) Target novel – and seen as though a good few of them were Sarah Jane stories, any Smithie reading hasn’t an excuse to miss out!

The SJ.tv episode guide has been updated with the new information regarding the episodes. I’ve applied a temporary dummy title to episodes seven and eight, “Sarah’s Childhood” – but in no way is this the “real” title. It just looks better than referring to it as boring old “Story Four”!

More news (including a MASSIVE revelation) soon…