You got it! Two more weeks before they started filming SJA again! If I remember correctly, that Lis will be in Cardiff city for the filming in April 16, 2007 and well as for the casting of Yasmin Paige and Thomas Knight. Also on SJA, will bring back long time “Doctor Who” director Graeme Harper who will be directing two later episodes (pending on schedules and pesky contracts!) The director helmed last year’s four Cybermen episodes over on Doctor Who, and returns to the series this year to direct “42” and “Utopia”. Over twenty years ago he worked on the ‘classic series’ directing two of the most well received adventures of the 1980’s; “The Caves of Androzani” and “Revelation of the Daleks”.

Another new commer will be Alice Troughton (no relation) who should be a familiar name to any astray Woodie reading, as she’s the woman who directing two of Torchwood’s very best episodes, “Small Worlds” and “Out of Time” – and on top of that, she’s interviewed by Torchwood: Declassified on a weekly basis. It’s unknown how many episodes form part of “block one” – but it’s likely to be just two (to form a complete two-part adventure).

This be taken in quote from the and nothing else!