I’m sorry, I thought I could watch this without crying

I told myself it was just another episode

I told myself she was just a character and I didn’t know her in real life

I told myself the Doctor will have other companions and everything ends

But then the ending started and I realized I couldn’t


Because she isn’t just another companion, and hasn’t been for a long time, long before I was born

By the time the credits rolled, I felt like I lost a huge part of my life


It made the reality I’ve known for the past six months, suddenly feel official


It made me realize that she will never step into the TARDIS again

And if Moffet does decide to bring companions back for the fifth Anniversary, her face will be missing from the crowd

It reminded be that both Sarah Jane and Elisabeth Sladen left our world with their stories still unfinished


But even with all that crashing down in my mind

I’m so glad and thankful that she came back

I’m so glad that she graced our screens and let us know and love her

And though it hurts now, I’ll never regret growing to love Sarah Jane Smith

So reblog if you have grown to love this woman


Reblog if she’s changed your life as much as she’s changed mine

And to Elisabeth Sladen

Thank you for being my Sarah Jane

You will never be forgotten