Bug Bytes by Julie Burton

Oh dear. The word is spreading so I might as well tell the story here too.

This past week most schools in the area celebrate Kansas week in honor of the birth of the state.

The kids learn about the good ‘ole Sunflower State. They spent time learning about the state symbols such as….

The official state animal: the buffalo

The official state flower: the sunflower

The official state tree: the cottonwood tree

The official state bird: the western meadowlark

And the Jayhawk. The official state…nothing.

Thursday afternoon, I am waiting outside the school with Kate. Kids come running out of the doors. They all run up to me, all trying to tell me something…

Emma’s mom! Emma’s mom! Emma is crying! She’s in trouble! 

Wait, kids! What happened? I look up. Emma is being escorted out by her teacher. Emma is in a complete meltdown. Her teacher is struggling…

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