But this is the bottom floor. Unless there’s an override command… I can reverse intuit the code- hah! Knew it.’  Luke Smith

#It’s hard to pinpoint why this moment makes me laugh every time #you REVERSE INTUITED that did you bre #luke has a 3000 word essay on fluid dynamics due tuesday #you get whatever technobabble he decides to give you #i kind of love that intuition is legit one of luke’s superpowers #and sky’s bitchface is amazing #she’s like ‘you are so full of bullshit’ #‘god I wish you were clyde’ #‘clyde would have punched through that panel’ #‘and then he’d pun sassily’ #alternate theory #luke’s finally given up pretending he doesn’t have complete mastery over the metaverse #‘CLANI WILL YOU GET IT ON ALREADY’ #‘my account keeps getting taken down by critics united’ #‘now I must go hack every IP address at the same time’  #it’s a shame torchwood s4 exists in a bubble #luke’d have miracle day and immortality sorted out in no time #‘hmm it feels like the subatomic resonance of the human morphic field has just been altered by a quantized spacetime event’ #‘but the union’s reduced the price of snakebites down to £2.50’ #‘and you have to get to lava & ignite before 10:15pm to avoid the queues’ #‘can’t fix it, not today’ #you know sky’s face is the permanent expression of oxford’s physics faculty #‘in wednesday tutorial he presented a working entanglement scheme linking an ion and a quantum dot to perform a teleportation protocol that transfers quantum information’ #‘and on friday he argued for fifteen minutes that our DNA was a receiver for psychic energy’ #‘he said it very fast it was very convincing’