Livetumblring tonight’s U.S. Premieres of Doctor Who: The Angels Take Manhattan!

Hello Fellow Feelers of Feelings!

Today we will embark on a thing we like to call “The Purposeful Inducement of Creys Through The Indirect Application of Damn Good British Television To Our Brain Parts” also known as “watching Doctor Who.” In 30 minutes we will be liveposting gifs and quotes and screencaps and reactions to the east coast and west coast U.S. premieres of Doctor Who: The Angels Take Manhattan.

This will take place from 9p-10p EDT, after which we’ll take a break to dry our eyes and take our blood pressure, we will post some non-spoilery Who things to act as a buffer, and then livetumbl again from 9p-10p Pacific Time.

(Yes, again. We’re committed that way.) And a reminder — because we’re doing it in real time — there is no way for us to avoid posting spoilers during these hours!

If you need to avoid spoilers, install Tumblr Savior. <— Click that link for instructions on how to install it for all browsers. We will tag all of our posts ‘The Angels Take Manhattan’ so blacklist it. These here words are really big to make sure that you are reading them and that you will not be surprised when your dashboard is full of spoiler spoilerings.

If you cannot install Tumblr Savior and find it impossible to live without Tumblr for the evening, you should consider unfollowing and refollowing us. If you plan on liveblogging, make sure to tell your followers as well!

See everyone soon.