Valet Parker Wrecks $450,000 Ferrari After Mistaking Accelerator for Brake

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A parking attendant in Italy wrecked a $450,000 Ferrari while delivering it back to its owners a few blocks away, crashing the supercar into a storefront in Rome after accidentally pressing the accelerator instead of the brake.

Roberto Cinti was driving the Ferrari 599 GTB, one of the most powerful vehicles in the world, from a parking garage to the Hotel Exedra down the road when he lost control, according to local media.

“I was confused — instead of the brake, I pressed down on the accelerator,” Cinti told police on the scene, the Telegraph quoted a local newspaper as reporting.

And as he found out, a moment of confusion can cause catastrophic damage when you’re in a car that goes from 0-60 mph in three seconds.

Ferrari 599 GTB Driver Crashes into a Shop In RomeCLAUDIO PERI—EPA A photograph made available on 01 April 2015 showing the aftermath following a ferrari 599 GTB which crashed into a shop…

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The Sarah Jane Adventures: For All Whovians

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The Sarah Jane Adventures

Being an almost absolute completest, my love of Dr Who brought to my attention a really great spin-off of the long running show.  My geek OCD demanded my viewing of these adventures of the Doctor’s greatest companion, Sarah Jane.

Starting with the Third Doctor and continuing on with the Fourth, Sarah Jane became the companion we all loved immensely.  When they brought her back to meet the Tenth Doctor in the new series, fans all over rejoiced.

That guest appearance caused the wheels of the BBC to start moving, and the people from Doctor Who began making this most fun and touching show.

The premise is that Sarah Jane is a journalist who helps defend the earth from various alien plots and plans.  She is assisted by her powerful super intelligent alien computer Mr. Smith in saving the world.  In the first episode, she adopts Luke, a…

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German Pilots Cast Doubt on Blaming of Co-Pilot for Crash

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German pilots reacted with anger and confusion on Thursday after French and German statements said the co-pilot on the Germanwings crash earlier this week deliberately slammed the plane into the French Alps, killing all 150 people on board. Stunned at the revelations, some pilots believe that the authorities are eager to find a culprit to blame, before the relevant facts are known. “It is a very, very incomplete picture,” says James Phillips, international affairs director of the German Pilots Association, speaking on the phone to TIME late Thursday. He said his own reaction was “angry.” “I have the feeling that there was a search for a quick answer, rather than a good answer,” he said.

In a chilling press briefing on Thursday, the Marseille public prosecutor Brice Robin charged with investigating Tuesday’s crash told reporters that the plane’s 28-year-old co-pilot, Andreas Lubitz, deliberately flew the plane into a mountain while…

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SJ:  ”Jo? Do you ever heard the SJA Hi-five?”

Jo:  ”No, Sarah Jane.”

SJ:  ”It’s like this…….

That’s the SJAs!

Let me correct this.

SJ: Jo, do you know what you can do inside a coffin with me?
Jo: …Darling, you’re not suggesting… oooooh. *naughty smile*
SJ: …Yes.
Jo: So what are we waiting for? 

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